7th Grade Teams

Indian River Middle School 7th Grade Teams

Upon entry into Middle School, each student is assigned a grade-level team. There are currently three teams for 7th grade, Team A, Team B and Team C (the C Team is split between the 7th and 8th grade, and students on that team will loop in 7th and 8th, meaning they will have the same core class teachers in each grade). Students are assigned a team for various reasons, but it is important to note that all teams are created equal. Academic standards for learning and delivery are consistent across all teams, and all grade levels. Each of our teams are comprised of four core content teachers in English, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Plus an additional fifth teacher who offers additional support to students; The A and B team have a Special Education Teacher, and the C team has an English as a New Language (ENL) Teacher. These additional teachers co-teach and consult with teachers and support our students in both the classroom and small group settings.

Each team meets once a day as a group during "Team Time" to work collaboratively, sharing information, strategies, and tools necessary to help students be successful at Indian River Middle School. Team Time is a period throughout the regular school day where teacher are offline from classes, and can be made available for meeting with students and their families. Team time is also set so that parents can set up parent/teacher conferences throughout the entire year and review grades and student behavior. Parents can set up conference time with their School Counselor via email or telephone.

7th Grade Teams

Team 7A

(Team Time: 7th period 12:56pm-1:36pm) 

Kristin Edmonds- Social Studies - kristinedmonds@ircsd.org

Kylee Monroe - English - kyleemonroe@ircsd.org

Michelle Matteson- Science - michellematteson@ircsd.org

Trina Bartlett - Math (and Advanced Math) - trinabartlett@ircsd.org

Laura Kuhn - Special Education - laurakuhn@ircsd.org

Team 7B

(Team Time: 8th period 1:41pm-2:21pm) 

James Blackburn- Social Studies - jamesblackburn@ircsd.org

Tami Canell- English - tamicanell@ircsd.org

Emily Rose - Science - emilyrose@ircsd.org

Lauren Hardwick- Math (and Advanced Math) - laurenhardwick@ircsd.org

Kimberly Lynch- Special Education - kimberlylynch@ircsd.org

Team 7C

(Team Time: 5th period 11:26am-12:06am) 

Eric Sauer- Social Studies - ericsauer@ircsd.org

Jaime Cook-  English - jaimecook@ircsd.org

Pam Williams- Science - pamelawilliams@ircsd.org

Christine Wheeler- Math - christinewheeler@ircsd.org

Melanie Phillips- ENL - melaniephillips@ircsd.org

* Some teams have their own webpages with important information such as assignments, calendars, and contact info. Parents and students are encouraged to visit their respective team's website and explore what it has to offer.

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