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Middle School Counselors

Mr. Jack Brand
School Counselor - Grade 8 (Class of 2025)

Ms. Jodi Castello
School Counselor - Grade 7 (Class of 2026)

Mr. Michael Moore
School Counselor - Grade 6 (Class of 2027)


Middle School Counselors are assigned the same cohort of students throughout the three years of middle school (grades 6-8) which allows students to form a positive and consistent relationship with an adult throughout their adolescent development.

Counselors provide individual, group, and classroom counseling to support the academic achievement and success of students. Counselors readily communicate with, and team with, teachers, parents, administrators, and outside agencies – to work towards a common student-centered goal. Our School Counselors are always available to assist you if you need help in dealing with individual problems or concerns. Some of the ways School Counselors assist students and families are as follows:

  • Provide individual and group school counseling services focusing on personal/social, academic, and/or college and career exploration.
  • Provide crisis intervention counseling and appropriate referrals to outside agencies.
  • Attends weekly Team meetings; schedules and attends Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Creates and manages student schedules and the building master schedule.
  • Facilitates the Response to Intervention process and serves on the Committee for Special Education.
  • Serves as a liaison with outside agency personnel.
  • Provides consultation services to parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • Creates and presents classroom guidance lessons on varying topics.
  • Develops plans and provides information regarding both short and long term academic and career goals.
  • Registers new middle school students, assisting with the transition between schools.
  • Reviews records for appropriate academic placements.
  • Communicates with previous and new school districts for incoming and outgoing transfer students.
  • Facilitates internal district transitions from IRIS to MS and MS to HS.
  • Encourages and coaches students to make healthy and positive decisions.
  • Provides conflict resolution and friendship mediation services.
  • Serve as building-wide testing coordinators for state exams.
  • Monitors student achievement and works directly with at risk students.
  • Manages Summer School referrals and registration.
  • Monitors and oversees attendance concerns for truancy issues.
  • Reviews 5 week reports to determine academic eligibility for extracurricular activities. 

In addition to our three School Counselors, Indian River Middle School also employs a School Social Worker and School Psychologist to assist with student needs. 

social worker

Mrs. Jennifer Bryant-Ulrich, LMSW
School Social Worke

Ms. Gabrielle Schwartz, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As a member of the pupil personnel services team, our  Social Workers provides behavioral and social related intervention services for matters that affect student performance. These services may include:

  • Leads the Crisis Intervention team.
  • Provides threat assessments, to include suicidal ideation as well as self injury.
  • May accompany a student/family to the Emergency Room for Emergency Mental Health services.
  • Provides counseling services to students who have more complex mental health /behavioral concerns.
  • Provides group counseling as needed.
  • Conducts behavioral assessments and depressions assessments as requested.
  • Provides intervention for students in situations where behavioral and social barriers interfere with student performance.
  • Provides consultation for parents, teachers, resource personnel, and administration to address student behavior and social needs.
  • Co-coordinates, with the School Psychologist, Functional Behavioral Assessments and Building Intervention Plans.
  • Refers to community agencies and services to address medical, behavioral, social, and familial issues.
  • Serves as a liaison between school and community agencies.
  • Addresses attendance and truancy issues which may result in a home visit.
  • Completes various duties related to homeless youth.
  • Develops and conducts in-services for staff on a variety of topics, per administrative request.
  • One of two trainers for the district who is qualified to teach Nonviolent Crisis Intervention-both with verbal and physical interventions.

School Psych

Mrs. Tracey Walrath
School Psychologist

As a member of the pupil personnel services team, the School Psychologist provides a broad range of services to facilitate learning and personal adjustment of students in school. These services may include:

  • Evaluations of students experiencing learning and/or behavior problems.
  • Assisting in appropriate placement of students with special needs.
  • Providing consultation for teachers and parents to help meet the individual needs of students.
  • Providing crisis intervention and referrals for outside mental health or evaluation services.
  • Serving as a member of the Response to Intervention Committee and Committee on Special Education.
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