Academic Eligibility


It is recognized by the Board of Education that extracurricular activities are an important part of school. The Board of Education supports an extracurricular program that provides a wide variety of opportunities for the students in our school. Our philosophy conveys our extracurricular program as a privilege and not a right. With this privilege comes the responsibility of maintaining high standards of: academics, conduct, performance, commitment, morals and ethics.


There are exceptional opportunities at Indian River Middle School for you to participate in various extracurricular activities. However, you need to be mindful that extracurricular activities are looked upon as privileges. Therefore, we are particularly interested in ensuring that you continue to meet our academic standards. Toward this goal, the district has set forth the following policy.

Extracurricular Activities include:

Interscholastic Sports, Intramural Sports, School Clubs

Special Field Trips, Student Government Dances

School Sponsored Functions

All Indian River Middle School students are encouraged to participate in afterschool activities. This privilege is offered along with academic success. Student’s academic results will determine eligibility. IRMS Eligibility is determined at the 5 Week Progress reporting time or 10 Week Marking Period. Any student who achieves a passing grade in all courses or is failing just one course at a grade or progress reporting time, will be Academically Eligible.


If a student is failing two courses at a progress reporting time or marking period, they will be placed on Academic Probation. During that time, students may continue to participate, but are advised to stay after school, seek extra help, and attend to passing all courses.


If a student who is on Academic Probation is failing two or more subjects at the next grade or progress reporting time, that student is now deemed Academically Ineligible. The student will remain Academically Ineligible until they achieve Academic Eligibility.

If at the end of any Marking Period a student is failing three or more subjects, the student will be deemed automatically Academically Ineligible.

** The Afterschool Advantage Program is not considered an extracurricular activity, hence students may still participate in this program regardless of their eligibility status.

*** Middle School students participating in interscholastic sports at the high school level (freshmen team, junior varsity, or varsity level) are governed by the High School Academic Eligibility Standards.

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