Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

Dignity For All Students - DASA

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IRMS Promotes - Safe & Healthy Schools

Creating a healthy school climate where students feel safe and supported physically, emotionally, and academically will have a meaningful impact on academic learning.

At IRMS we maintain a safe school environment through enforcing the Indian River Central Code of Conduct and promoting civility, citizenship and character education. This safe school environment requires teaching tolerance, respect for others and dignity for all.


What is DASA?

The "Dignity for All Students Act" is a New York State law effective July 1, 2012. It is designed to provide a learning environment free of discrimination and harassment. Bullying behaviors may be a larger problem of discrimination and harassment. DASA works to help prevent discrimination and harassment through civility, citizenship and character education.


What is a student’s responsibility or rights?

An Indian River Central student has the right to participate in all district activities on an equal basis regardless of race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender, sex or any other legally protected status. Students have the responsibility to maintain a mutual respect and dignity for all students and staff members regardless of actual or perceived differences.

IRMS promotes learning and strengthening students’ confidence as students practice respect and dignity for all.


What does civility and citizenship look like at IRMS?

IRMS students and staff show civility through their polite actions and courteous things they say to one another. Civility requires using good manners, appropriate gestures and showing respect for all people that are at school or attending school functions. Students apply good citizenship when they care and show concern of other student’s feelings and safety, communicate their own way of thinking in a productive manner and show self-confidence to deal with everyday challenges.


What is harassment?

Harassment is when the school environment becomes hostile, or unsafe, in nature through the use of verbal threats, intimidation, abuse, and conduct. Harassment can substantially interfere with education or cause stress mentally, emotionally or physically. A student that feels unsafe or fears for physical safety could be experiencing harassment.

So, harassing or teasing a student for being "too skinny" is considered to be the same level of seriousness as harassing a student because of their religion, disability or ethnicity.


What is discrimination?

Discrimination is when a person is treated differently based on the group or category to which that person belongs, or perceived to belong, rather than looking at the person for their individual characteristics. When a person discriminates another person, they treat them unfairly which denies that person normal privileges or rights.


What is bullying?

Bullying is a form of harassment that can be done face to face or indirectly to another person or through electronics (i.e. cyber-bullying). A bully uses their power to make the victim feel unimportant by embarrassing or controlling them. The behavior may be repeated over time. Bullying can be a sudden activity or can be planned ahead.

Bullying behaviors include:

Threats of intimidation to others

Treating others cruelly




Habitual put-downs

Badgering of others

Other misbehaviors that include harassment, hazing, intimidation or discrimination


What is cyber-bullying?

Cyber-bullying occurs through electronic communication on the internet, cell phones, or other electronic media.

Cyber-bullying can involve, but is not limited to:

Sending mean, vulgar, or threatening messages or images

Posting sensitive, private information about another person

Pretending to be someone else in order to make a person look bad


What should I do if I’m being treated unfairly?

There are many ways to address unfair treatment, but each situation is different.

You should ALWAYS speak with an adult – many of us have been there before

In addition:

Get help from an adult at home and/or school

Get help from peers

Avoid ‘hot spots’ where you are alone

Be assertive and speak out against unfair treatment

Support others who are victims of unfair treatment


What can I do to stop bullying at IRMS?

At IRMS, we do everything we can to end bullying, but we can’t help if we don’t know about a situation. There is a big difference between ‘tattling’ and ‘telling.’ Tattling is when a person talks to someone about a problem in order to get someone else in trouble, to get their own way, or to make themselves look good and someone else look bad. Telling is talking to someone who is trusted about a problem because they or someone else may be getting hurt.


I’m a parent and I am concerned about a situation at home or in school. What can I do to help at home?

Please feel free to give administration a call anytime to report a situation, no matter how minor it may seem. There are many ways we can help – and we are always confidential with any information provided to us. We always encourage a safe and healthy school environment at IRMS. If a safety issue arises, please do not encourage your child to strike another person. This aggressive behavior may make the situation even worse, and may subject your child to disciplinary action when THEY are the true victim. Help your child to know how to defend themselves by walking with others, de-escalating situations and telling adults.

If you see something, SAY something!


Dignity Act Coordinators:

Mrs. Angela Green - angelagreen@ircsd.org

Mrs. Kathleen Dalton Lind - kathleendaltonlind@ircsd.org


If your child feels unsafe, or needs to report a harassment or bullying situation, click on the related file below to print your reporting form. Please help your child fill out the form and return it to the Dignity Act Coordinators, or the main office, as soon as possible.

2018-19 Indian River CSD Code of Conduct 

 DASA Electronic Reporting Form

 DASA Paper Reporting Form 

 Student Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Intervention 

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