Warm Weather

With the weather getting warmer, we would like to remind all parents of the dress code expectations. All students should wear clothing that covers all undergarments including their shoulders and to the finger tips on their legs.  All shirts need to have straps or sleeves and should cover a student's stomach. They should also wear appropriate footwear for school. Some of the things we are noticing here at school are students wearing running shorts / gym shorts or jean shorts and they roll them at the waist to make them shorter. This causes their backs and bottoms to be visible when seated and at times when walking in the halls. Students are also wearing high waisted pants and jeans with cut off shirts, causing their midsection to be exposed. We understand that fashion and shopping does not make this easy on our students, however, these items are not school appropriate. All staff members are aware of the dress code and are making an attempt to have conversations with students. If a student is sent to the office, it will be a conversation with admin, a warning and the student may need to change. If it happens multiple times, the student will have further consequence as it would be considered insubordination. Please review the code with your student. If you have any questions or ​concerns, please feel free to reach out.